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Chinese actors into their cast to draw viewers from China.In 201▓4, Fan Bingbing, one of

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China's most famous thespians, became the first Asian character in the world of the X-Men when she starred in the film X-Men: Days of Future Past. Angela Yeung, m

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only institute in the country that adhe▓res to Hollywood standards. It is a joint venture bet▓ween Shanghai University and Vancouver Film School,▓ which is widely regarded

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as one of the most prest▓igious entertainment arts institutions in the worl▓d.Among Vancouver Film School's roster of graduates is Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Neill Blomkamp who directed the highly successful 2009 sc▓ience fiction movie District 9.Accor

ding to Liu, the school currently hires 50 professors, ▓half of whom

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are foreigners who are experts in the filmmaking industry. In addition, pr▓ofessionals from Hollywood are often invit▓ed to teach and share their experiences with the students.Luis Calandre, vice president of educati▓on at SHVFS, pointed out that the school has e

xperienced▓ significant growth despite being around for such a short

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time. For example, enrollment has ▓grown from 80 students in its first year to the present 200, and there is now an additional enrollment intake in spring. Previously, students could only apply for the autumn intake."It normally takes many years for a unive▓rsit

y to build its brand, but we have managed to do so in less than four years. Today, the SHVFS b

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rt▓ due to the effectiveness of our courses and▓ the quality of our instructors," said the Spaniard."By combining specialized programs with an intense learning environment, state-of-the-art technology and▓ teachers who are experts in their fields, we impart valua

ble skills to our students that allow them to hit th▓e ground running

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upon entering the industry. Employers ▓tell us that SHVFS students have much more knowledge and capacity to adapt to the working environment than others," he added.Liu noted that the nature▓ of their students also lends credence to the quali▓ty of their courses.

"Many of our students are post ▓graduates who are aged over 35. Some of

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them already have ▓degrees or careers in filmmaking but they know that ▓they can improve even further if they study at SHVFS," he said.A history of movie-makingThe move by

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▓Shanghai authorities to turn the city into a film production hub comes as no surprise, conside▓ring how the ci

ty has traditionally been known as the movie capital in China. The industry's roots can be traced back to the late 1890s when Shanghai became the first city in China to screen films on a regular basis.The

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domestic movie industry ▓soon expanded rapidly and had by 1930 becom▓e the home of most of the country's film pro

duct▓ion companies. Such was the city's reputation that it w▓as even dubbed "The Hollywood of the East" starting in the late 1920s.Chinese classics such as Legend of Tianyun Mountain, Evening RainandThe Her

rom creatures

ds▓manwere produced in Shanghai. The city's reputation for filmmaking endured till the 1990s when it became ▓the

first Chinese city to have its own in▓ternational film festival. Today, the festival holds an A-list status by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations, and is one of the larg▓est and mo

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st prestigious in Asia.However, Shanghai's ▓movie output over the past few decades has been a far cry from its gl

ory days. Liu pointed out that the city is today better known as a place whe▓re filmmakers can find investment dollars instead of produce movies. The problem, he said, lies in the shortage of production ta

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lent."There ar▓e a few factors behind the dearth of film▓ production talent. In the 1990s, the television industry

b▓oomed and was more profitable than the movie sector, so many film professionals crossed over. The gaps left by these people were never filled," said Liu.According to a 2016 report by Oxford Economics,


China's TV industry directly employed 865,000 people that year. In contrast, the film production and distributi

on sector only had 79,00▓0 workers. Exacerbating matters is the fact that many of these film workers lack the necessary training."Apart from the creative team, everyone else on a Chinese film set today are


just unskilled laborers," sa▓id acclaimed director Feng Xiaogang during the 2016 China Film Investment Summit Forum.Too fast, too furiousAnother cha

llenge the Chinese movie industry faces is finding a balance between its rapid g▓rowth and the rate at which talent is being produced

. Driven by the growing consumption levels of the middle class, Chinese filmmakers have been churning out films to meet the burgeoning demand. Box offic

e takings have grown from 920▓ million yuan ($111.25 million) in 2002 to a whopping 55.91 billion yuan last year.But with so many shows b

eing made and so few talent available, it was only a matter of time that the lack of quality became obvious."China produces▓ about 700 movies every y

ear but only 300 are good enough to be screened in the cinemas. Furthermore, only about 50 are profitable while just 20 can be consi

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y poor. On Douban, a leading Chinese movie review site, the movie has a▓n average rating of 5.1 out of 10 based on more than 243,000 reviews.The pursuit of qualityCalandre pointed out that thou

gh the definition of quality is ultimately subjective, Hollywood has done a good job at setting the benc

hmarks. The Spaniard said that China authorities can spur progress in the domes▓tic movie industry by adopting a similar approach."One of▓ the ways to define quality — and th▓e Americans have done this very well — is to have experts make a judgement

. Some people in the industry say that one of the best▓ things the Americ

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ans have done is create a▓n Academy Award for the best foreign film. By doing so, they become the ones who get to decide what's good or what's bad, not just in Hollywood, bu▓t in the world," he

said."One thing the government ▓can do is create an important award that defines what hig▓h quality is. In

order to do that, they need to appoint credible global experts and give them the freedom to decide."One aspect of filmmaking that can be judged objectively, Calandre added, is technical quality.In this respect, Liu said that some of the latest domestic movi

es have demonstrat▓ed that Chinese production companies are capable of achi

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by some of the school projects produced by SHVFS students. It goes to show that there is a high level o▓f creativity in local talent. I think audiences wil▓l be ab

le to see considerable improvements in Chinese films in about five years."Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatFilm co-productions expected to bring▓ China, US closerFilm co-productions expected to

North America

help to bring the two countries closer, WorldFest-Houston Chairman Hunter Todd said Thursday.In a news briefing

regarding the upcoming film festival, Todd said the WorldFest Focus ▓on China, a unit of the event, will be the largest single focus on Chinese cinema in

n theaters and

the festival world."WorldFest-Houston's presentation of Chinese films is the largest spotlight on the great▓ ci

nema of China," he said.Todd told Xinhua that he considers the WorldFest Focus on China as a ▓platform providing opportunities for emerging Chinese directo

▓ a massive tot

rs.He also acknowledged a strong business ▓reason behind the project, saying "The film product▓ion values of China

, the box office attains of China are now No. 1 in the world."In the meantime, Todd announced that his team and a

al of 283 millio

Chinese partner "are moving forward to a multi-million-dollar co-production of a new science fiction film" to be

pr▓oduced in both China and the United States.He said this f▓ilm will be his first major co-production with a Chi

n dollars worldw

nese partner and will be directed by Randal K▓leiser, a renowned WorldFest-Houston's al▓umnus, the list of which i

ncludes Steven Spielberg, Ang Lee and David Winning.The 51st editi▓on of WorldFest-Houston International Film Festi

ide.Directed b

val is ▓scheduled for April 20-29 in Houston, the fourth biggest city in the United States a▓nd the largest in t

he state of Texas.The film festival will showcase 50 new independent feature films and 108 award-winning s▓horts

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from over 70 countries and regions across the ▓globe.As part of the festival, the 4th edition o▓f WorldFest Focus on China will premiere almost 20 feature films as we

n, the film stars ▓Dway

ll as several short subjects from Chi▓na, providing Houston audiences the opportunity to enjoy the emerging Chinese cinema.Please sca

n t▓he QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Cod▓e to follow us on Wechat鈥婻ights holder won't give up 'Three-Body' series鈥?/p>

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  • Rights holder won▓'t give up 'Three-Body' series鈥婻ights holder won't give up▓ 'Three-Body' series03-23-2018 20:48 BJTThe rights holder for "The Three-Body Problem" responde

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for the Hugo Award-winning Chinese science fic▓tion trilogy with an open mind amidst repor▓ted Amazon interest.A Financial Times report on Wednesday s▓uggested that Amazon i

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